Travelers who can’t wait to savor time in the scenic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia will find a long list of reasons to make their way to Massanutten year-round. Located minutes from Shenandoah National Park as well as inspiring Skyline Drive, Massanutten offers travelers a taste of adventure as well as plenty of options for relaxing and unwinding at a leisurely pace as well. Whether you’re one for hiking, biking, river rafting, or ziplining, Massanutten has something exciting waiting to be discovered. More in the mood to winery-hop your way through a stay? That’s an option here as well. The versatile access to fun makes Massanutten a mesmerizing place to spend time when you’re looking to get away from the hustle of daily life. Those who are heading here over Easter will find there’s even more to look forward to! Elevate your holiday experience in a place that boasts over 6,000 acres of mountain air and enjoy freedom, amazing amenities, and incredible Massanutten activities and attractions that promise to make your Easter away one-of-a-kind.

Enjoy Time on the Trails

Easter in Massanutten is a great time of year to get out and hit the hiking trails when you’re a traveler with a passion for exploration. While the weather can fluctuate this time of year, being willing to bundle up and embrace the fun is what you’ll need to make the most of a day outdoors. Hit up Massanutten’s Western Slope for easy access to over 30 miles of tantalizing trails to discover. No matter when you hike in Massanutten, durable hiking boots and plenty of water on hand are always recommended. While independent hiking over Easter is always a delight, those looking for a more guided experience can have that too. There are guided Arboretum nature walks that are designated as easy treks hosted on Mondays, departing at 12:30 pm from Hopkins Cabin. It’s a chance to get up close to early spring wildflowers, see toads and salamanders and learn more about native trees in the area. Additionally, Easter visitors can sign up for a nature sketching walk when they’re looking to incorporate a bit more creativity into the experience. These are hosted on Tuesdays at 10:00 am and also leave from Hopkins Cabin. Drawing exercises are a part of the agenda before heading out on the trails and putting those new skills to work with nature as the inspiration for the final results.

Pamper Yourself at the Spa

Those who take time to travel to Massanutten for Easter festivities in 2023 will likely find that all the fun leaves them longing for a little bit of pampering as well. Fortunately, the Massanutten Resort Spa is a one-stop-shop for everything related to relaxation and restoration alike. Services here are geared towards men, women, and teens alike and the spa menu is made to impress. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing massage, a luxurious facial, nail services, or a full body treatment, you’ll find what you’re searching for and more available alongside licensed professionals. The spa is open daily from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm and it’s important to make sure to make your reservations in advance.

Add Water Park Fun to the Itinerary

Spring in Massanutten means guests can make the most of swimming fun indoors when they head to the Massanutten Resort waterpark. This destination is known for its non-stop thrills and the water here sits at a comfortable 84 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Upon arrival, guests will find easy access to lazy river floats and pools as well as hot tubs, water fortresses, inflatable fun, and beyond. There’s even a FlowRider on-site where those excited to try something new can learn how to surf indoors.

Participate in a Cooking Demonstration

Easter dinner is often a highlight of the holiday and those who are looking to take a hands-on approach even while traveling this year can make the most of a cooking demonstration at Massanutten Resort while they’re in town. These experiences invite guests to watch instructors prepare a fantastic and flavorful three-course gourmet meal before enjoying the spoils themselves! There’s a glass of Virginia-produced wine included for an added fee at this event which is held at the resort every Wednesday starting at 1:00 pm. Reservations are required, and participation starts at $45 a person. Bring your appetite and willingness to learn new tricks in the kitchen to make the most of every moment.

Book Your Stay Today

When you’re ready to enjoy an Easter trip and numerous Massanutten activities, attractions and events, there’s no reason to wait! Let the property professionals at Vacation Properties Made Simple help you find an idyllic home away from home to enjoy while you’re here. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting selection of properties in the area and how we can help you turn those travel plans into a reality soon.

The joy of a family vacation is always pure but often negated by the bank account charges that appear on your next statement, but when you choose a family vacation in Massanutten, there are many ways to temper the after-break sticker shock. And because we at Vacation Properties Made Simple want to help with the money-saving traditions of spending your getaway with us, we offer fully equipped kitchens that allow guests to save a little money by eating at home, lower prices than a hotel stay, and this wonderful guide to family-friendly Massanutten events that won’t break the bank!

Fall Festival at Massanutten, October 8, Massanutten Resort

No one gets more excited about fall than the residents of our Virginia hometown and if you want the proof, just attend our Massanutten Fall Festival. Offering chairlift rides through the brilliantly hued trees, live entertainment, arts and crafts, wine, and delicious foods that no fall party should be without! Costing between $5 and $15 dollars if you purchase tickets in advance, this affordable fun may be the highlight of your trip! Tickets can be purchased here.

Skeleton Festival, October 15, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance in Harrisonburg

Halloween is our favorite time of the year and this exciting festival features the best of the holiday! Starting at 2 PM and lasting until 5 PM, the Skeleton Festival is a free event, offering a pumpkin carving contest and so much more! Your children’s favorite part will be the trick or treating, ensuring that they get 2 chances to beg for candy; 1 at the festival and 1 when they return home, so don’t forget their costume! The costume contest is open to all ages, so if you’re in the mood to be spooky, do your best and maybe you will be a winner!

Annual Halloween Spooktacular Carriage Ride, October 22, 42 Island Ford Road in McGaheysville

Located just minutes away from the Massanutten Resort, the First Annual Halloween Spooktacular Carriage Ride is a free event that will be enjoyed by every member of your family! Taking place on October 22 and lasting from 1-3 PM, Valley Olive Oil & Balsamics is the sponsor of this once-in-a-lifetime carriage ride of fun and spookiness! Offering a horse-drawn carriage ride through a “field” of Halloween inflatables, this is the event guaranteed to put your entire family in the mood for trick or treating, costumes, and the beauty of the Harvest Moon! Spend the day shopping in the shops of McGaheysville, tasting the fall wares sold (don’t you just love a jar of locally made pumpkin butter?), and take the littles to the petting zoo where the baby animals never fail to charm! Really get into the holiday mood by wearing your Halloween Costume and if you want picture proof that this beautiful day really happened, take a selfie in front of the Halloween backdrop!

Veteran’s Day Parade, November 6, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance in Harrisonburg

Everyone loves a parade and although the Veteran’s Day Parades of our youth seem to be rapidly disappearing from America’s holiday landscape, small town Harrisonburg is keeping the tradition alive! Free to watch and containing all the vintage charms that you remember, this special parade serves as a thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed to keep us free! Watch beautifully restored classic cars, and shiny firetrucks, and feel the pride of being an American bring tears to your eyes as you stand in your place on the sidewalk of the Main Street of Harrisonburg, surrounded by flags waving beautifully in the fall breezes!

Fall in Love With These Massanutten Events

The best part of your Massanutten escape will be the moments you spend with your family. You don’t need to take part in a family-friendly event to have a great time, you can just enjoy a quiet (or raucous!) hike through the trees all dressed in their autumn finest with those you love most! Costing nothing and offering priceless memories there is no better way to enjoy time with the family than spending those moments with us at Vacation Properties Made Simple. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!

There is a joy that can be found in every season of the year but we at Vacation Properties Made Simple believe there is something extra joyous about the fall season, especially in our Massanutten hometown! The crispness of the air is cool enough to let us wear those pumpkin-colored sweaters and chocolate tweed blazers for the first time. The smell of smoke from the fire’s built-in fireplaces wards against the evening chill. That first taste of pumpkin spice latte that warms the blood and refreshes the soul. These fall activities in Massanutten could take place almost anywhere in the world but will somehow seem that much more special when enjoyed from the comforts of our Virginia Vacation Properties Made Simple seasonal sanctuaries!

Fall Activities In Massanutten

Do us a favor. Close your eyes, just for a minute, and picture what your ideal Fall outdoor expedition looks like. Are the trees bursting with a kaleidoscope of fiery colors? Does the air feel cool enough that you feel comfortable walking but not so cold that you lose the feeling in your toes and fingers? Perhaps you are walking along the same trails you skied on during a previous imaginary visit, feeling the beauty of the moment touch your soul! If all of these images came to mind during your brief escape to paradise, you already know what a hike along the trails will resemble! The Massanutten Ridge Trail is one of our favorite trails to hike in the fall, but if you just aren’t up to a 71-mile hike in the woods, the trails that run through the Lion’s Centennial Community Park may be the solution! The well-maintained trail takes you along the water’s edge and while it offers breathtaking photo opportunities at any time of the year, during fall the pictures you take will be absolutely stunning!

Fall Festival, October 8, 11:30-5:30 PM, Massanutten Resort

We can’t decide which we prefer more, a Christmas festival offering gifts to purchase, festive décor, live entertainment, food vendors, beer and wine, kids activities, or Fall festivals providing all of the above, plus a breathtaking scenic chair lift ride through the trees! Ok, yes, we can, it’s the Fall festival, because, well, those views, and if you are of like mind, the Fall Festival at Massanutten Resort will make your season! Offering a beer garden and wine & cider tastings for the over 21 crowds, a fun kid’s activity zone for your favorite tiny travelers, and, of course, that fabulous ride through the trees that will absolutely change the way you look at this spicy season, this is the best way we know to celebrate the advent of fall! Ticket prices range from $5 to $15.

Back Home on the Farm,  2915 Willow Run Road in Harrisonburg

This adventure involves a short road trip lasting about half an hour, but the views will make it special and the fall fun found Back Home on the Farm will make it wonderful! This is another festival, this one involving a 7-acre Pumpkin Patch where the kiddos can pick their own pumpkins to bring back to your seasonal sanctuary, a corn maze, wagon rides, and so much more fall excitement we could go on for days and not reach the end of the list! Costing $12 per person (under 2 is free) and open from September 6 through October 30th, this unique opportunity for a fall frolic will be enjoyed by everyone in your traveling group, especially if you check out their spooktacular Enchanted Garden!

Massanutten’s Family Adventure Park, 3827 Massanutten Drive in Massanutten

Vacations are for families and the adventures you will enjoy at Massanutten’s Family Adventure Park promise to be ones that will bring you and your family even closer! Offering Ziplines, gem mining, climbing walls, and a fantastic Kid’s Adventure Course for those 12 and under, the beauty of a fall day in Virginia will add luster to an already shining experience!

Fall Activities in Massanutten and Your Vacation Properties Made Simple Autumn Sanctuaries!

In a world where we are always on the go, it is nice to stop and relax once in a while, especially when you choose to stop and stay in our Vacation Properties Made Simple autumn sanctuaries! Open the windows and let the fragrances of fireplaces and pumpkin spice fill your escape as you relax in comfort and style! Tell ghost stories as you gather around a firepit, read by the fire while the rest of the family watches their favorite television shows, or simply sit out on the back porch staring out onto the picture-perfect examples of paradise in the fall! Every fall activity in Massanutten you enjoy with us will be one you never forget! Reserve your favorite seasonal sanctuary today! See our short term rentals here!