The end of summer is always a bittersweet experience. Even as we are generally happy to see the end of the heat, we know we are going to miss the long carefree days, the taste of frosty beverages enjoyed by the pool or beach, and the adventures we have enjoyed as our vacation days take us to places we have only dreamed about visiting before. Of course, there is that one last hurrah, that holiday that celebrates all the work we hard-working Americans do by NOT laboring, and if your journey includes a trip to Massanutten and a stay in one of our Vacation Properties Made Simple during your Massanutten vacation, this guide to spending Labor Day with us will ensure that your summer ends on a high note!

Massanutten Vacation: Sunrises over the Shenandoah Valley

Generally, the best thing about Labor Day weekend is having the opportunity to sleep in, but you really should take at least one morning to witness a Virginia sunrise. Wake up while the sky is still dark, brew a cup of coffee, head out to the deck of your Massanutten escape, and prepare to be wowed. These moments of quiet and peace, punctuated by a kaleidoscope of color that you still won’t be able to believe, even as you are witnessing the event with your own eyes, offers a serene start to any day and once the sky turns the clear blue of daylight, you can always go back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep!

Since You’re Already Awake

Going back to sleep is not always an option, especially as your stomach begins to grumble and complain, so an early breakfast at Thunderbird Café is the perfect way to silence that hungry beast! Located at 42-A Island Ford Road in McGaheysville, this local breakfast and lunch spot will introduce guests to the charm and friendliness of small-town America while also providing comfort food meals that just make life better! Try their fluffy blueberry pancakes that are nearly the size of the plate on which they are served or, if you are really hungry, order Andre the Giant, a Belgium waffle cut into triangles with layers of egg and sausage placed between each triangle!

Massanutten Indoor Water Park, 1200 Adventure Drive

Before the pumpkin spice lattes begin to appear on the menus of your favorite coffee shop, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to enjoy one last water adventure and Massanutten Indoor Water Park offers the perfect way to say so long to summer! Labor Day weekend is the last weekend the outdoor part of the park is open, which offers water slides that rise into the sky, a wave pool that provides the fun of the ocean without sea creatures or salt water, and of course a bright and colorful children’s pool that is destined to be your tiny tot’s favorite part of Labor Day weekend. The indoor portion is open year-round and offers much of the same while providing protection from the elements. The lazy river is our favorite part of the Indoor Water Park, especially on a day devoted to being labor-free!

Massanutten Ridge Trail

Not everyone is satisfied with simply lazing around by the pool and for those adventure seekers who can’t just sit still, a hike along the Massanutten Ridge Trail is the perfect way to burn off some extra energy while getting closer to the natural beauty of our landscape! The trail stretches out over 72 miles, much of it delving into the more rugged country, so novice hikers may want to skip this activity, but if you are hardcore about your hiking experiences, even if you can’t complete the trail, it is one of the best ways we know to explore the region. Pack hardy trail foods, bring plenty of water, and lose yourself (not literally, please!) in the stunning tranquility that makes the Shenandoah Valley area one of the most beautiful Massanutten vacation destinations in the world!

Stay in and Play

The best part of any getaway is having the opportunity to spend quality time with those we love most, our family, and our Vacation Properties Made Simple holiday hideaways make it simple to do just that! Choose a sweet cabin in the woods and plan a barbecue just as you would back home; this barbecue will stand out above all others, though, as you relax and unwind in comfort and peace. Grill your favorite Labor Day meats on large decks while keeping a close eye on your youngest who is filling his pockets with sticks, rocks, and all kinds of natural treasures. Playing foosball with your oldest in game rooms designed to thrill as you keep a close eye on the big game. Baseball season is winding down and the race for the pennant grows ever more competitive, making the games even more exciting! However you choose to spend your Labor Day weekend at Massanutten, choosing Vacation Properties Made Simple will take your celebration to the next level. Reserve your favorite today! See our short term rentals here.