2022 has really flown by and as we reach the halfway mark (can you believe it?) a bonus 3-day weekend is waiting to be experienced! Of course, we are talking about the 4th of July, a holiday that doesn’t always land on the weekend but this year it falls on a Monday, giving us that extra-long weekend right when we could use it the most! Many travelers are taking advantage of this gift, planning their summer vacations so as to only use 4 of their precious vacation days and if you are one of those smart vacationers, we would like to invite you to the beautiful town of Massanutten for your summer adventures! Although you may know our hometown as a winter vacation destination, the stunning beauty, lush landscape, and, of course, our breathtaking Vacation Properties Made Simple seasonal sanctuaries make it an incredible 4 season retreat loved by all! This guide to our little section of paradise will ensure that when you do make your way to Massanutten for the 4th of July, every minute of your stay will be filled with fun, comfort, and excitement!

Massanutten for the 4th Of July

Have you ever stepped outside early in the morning and just felt the peacefulness descend upon you like a royal cape? The sounds of birds greeting the morning with cheerful songs, the feel of cool morning air kissing your cheeks, and the quiet that touches your soul? If not, your summer journey to Massanutten is the perfect time to experience it all, and even as vacations are about being lazy and sleeping in late, at least one day of your excursion should involve a sunrise start, sitting out on the deck watching the sky transform from the inky blackness of night to the clear blue beauty of a sunny day. The quiet that reverberates in your heart will give you the inner strength to deal with the more raucous adventures and the serenity will be something you treasure, tucking away deep in your mind to be revisited during times of stress during real life. After, of course, you can always slide back between the silky soft linens of the bed you have claimed for your own, slipping back into the sweet oblivion of sleep, before rising once again, this time feeling rested and ready for whatever delights Massanutten has to offer!

Cool Adventures

Summer temps in the Massanutten area rarely spike too high, but the humidity can put the curl in your hair and add a sultry glow to your skin. This is not a problem for travelers in the know, however, because nothing keeps you cooler than an all-American summer day spent at a waterpark! Massanutten Water Park, located at 1200 Adventure Drive, is actually an all-season waterpark featuring indoor AND outdoor activities guaranteed to make everyone in your traveling party happy to be alive! The indoor portion of the waterpark offers rapids and waterslides, hot springs and a surfing and body boarding section called the Pipeline and a Frog Pond for the tiniest of travelers! Parents can join in the fun by testing their daredevil skills on slides that climb 250 feet in the air or they can splash and play with their littles in the 12-inch deep Frog Pond that offers tyke-sized slides, sprinklers, and swings. The outdoor portion of Massanutten is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day (closing on poor weather days) and features a wave pool, thrilling slides, and another area designated for tiny tots; Splash a Nutten is a colorful zone filled with psychedelic-colored animals that serve as slides, sprinklers, and fun spots that your kids will never want to leave!

The Main Event

You have come all this way to celebrate America’s 246th birthday so of course you are seeking fireworks and Massanutten, as always, provides! Summer Jam 2022 is scheduled to be held on July 3rd, so even if you have to head back home early you can still enjoy the holiday festivities! Starting at 5 PM there will be live music, kid’s activities, and all the food you can eat! Food truck vendors will be serving cheesesteaks, Cajun Food, and kettle corn along with a variety of other delicious treats, and beer and wine will be flowing. The kids’ zones will offer corn hole, big Jenga, face and body painting and so many other fun and exciting activities your littles will never want to stop playing; until the sky lights up with the colorful explosions that have been the best part of Independence Day celebrations for decades, perhaps even centuries! This is probably one of the best events in Massanutten for the 4th of July!

Come Home to Vacation Properties Made Simple

This holiday in Massanutten for the 4th of July, just as most of the others that we celebrate throughout the year, is meant to be spent with family and as you relax in the comforts of our holiday hideaways surrounded by those you love most, the memories you make will be ones that make your heart smile! Reserve your favorite today! If you’re just planning on a short trip see our short term rentals here!