By design, owning a vacation property means that you aren’t able to be hands-on with every home improvement or repair project that comes up. You’re not there all the time! But how do you handle them? How do you know which home improvements can wait until you save a little more money? Or which repairs will start costing you valuable bookings if they aren’t taken care of?

Vacation Properties Made Simple is a cut above other property management companies because we have the expertise to walk you through these difficult and potentially expensive questions. One of our founding partners is a residential design expert and contractor with more than two decades of experience. This means, not only can we recommend the right course of action for your home, but we have the local know-how to help get the job done, provide guidance on budget and even recommend vendors from our network of experienced professionals if you would like. Whether we’re helping brand new clients get their properties ready to market, or helping long-term clients manage HVAC vendors, we take care of each property as if it was our own.